Automation can help companies with GDPR compliancy

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GDPR is a long-term commitment, that needs to be constantly maintained. This can be facilitated by automating the data processes – per example, in automating data portability, delivery of data to consumers could be made easier and less flawed.

“It’s a natural reaction to sit back and take a deep breath after working towards a major deadline – and many businesses may have done just this following the May 2018 beginning of GDPR enforcement. (…) GDPR was not just for May, but is a long-term, ongoing commitment.”

The article highlights, that while there are burdens in complying with GDPR, it could rather be looked upon as an opportunity. “The information gathered for compliance makes it possible to map out all consents, as well as where data is being used without consent, which could identify a new understanding of your data assets.

GDPR is still in its infancy and some even debate that certain principles of GDPR are a matter of opinion rather than quantifiable. But one of the biggest mistakes a business can make is to see GDPR as a one-off campaign rather an ongoing reality. There is at least one certainty – the need for compliance is not going to just disappear.”

It is important to maintain compliance with the GDPR, and one way of doing this, according to the article, is the automation of data processes. This “will be key to maintaining compliance over time as it will allow technology to take the lead in areas such as data discovery and the classification and identification of personal data.

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As part of the end-to-end automation, it is important to have solutions for data portability as well. Connectid Business already has prebuilt interfaces with 190 applications, including many enterprise systems, and can therefore assist in automated delivery of data to consumers that have requested right of insight or data portability. On top of that, Connectid Business also offers solutions to handle consent when companies receive data from consumers. If you are interested in hearing more about this, please contact us