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Together, we empower digital trust and ensure privacy around the world!

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(GDPR) vision

According to us, at least! Safe Online consists of a passionate and dedicated team, committed to removing bureaucracy and making the GDPR life and the management of personal data easier for entrepreneurs, smaller and middle-sized companies.

We work every day to optimize our software solutions and make our users’ experience even better. Therefore, usability is our main focus – both in the development of solutions and the handling of customer inquiries.


team spirit

We are founded on an entrepreneurial spirit, and we value diversity, initiative, and new perspectives. That is why we also attach great importance to celebrations, and you will undoubtedly feel your colleagues’ good karma spread when you succeed in challenging tasks.
With the risk of sounding cliché, we do dare to promise that you will be challenged and develop your skills in a safe environment.

This, we believe is what creates the best team and conditions for success.

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