Your Privacy Request Portal

Complete overview of personal data requests

Manual data administration is time-consuming. It can take 30-40 hours to find and prepare data for a single request.

Connectid Business automates the process of responding to personal data requests.

Deliver privacy. Achieve trust.

Quick and easy verification and consent

Every request is verified by SMS and email before landing in your request portal.

Verification and consent are automated, with all actions logged, to make sure you only send personal data to its owner.

Connectid Business makes the approval process simple, frictionless and frustration-free for all parties.

Efficient processes with automated data collection across systems

Connectid Business can handle requests automatically, saving businesses, on average, 30-40 hours each time.

Data collection can be semi-automated via 120 API presets by connecting to core solutions, and configurable approval flows.

4 features of automating your incoming data requests

  • All requests are logged for audit purposes
  • Structured approval process for requests
  • Each request is archived securely and auto-deleted 32 days after delivery
  • Requesters are automatically notified of all actions via email and SMS.

Have your website comply
with privacy regulations

Add the Privacy Request Portal to your website with a free plugin for WordPress.

The plugin helps set up your website to comply with privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Automated SMS and email verification of all requests help you make sure data is sent to the correct person.

Extract customer data from WooCommerce

Our plugin for WooCommerce lets you automatically extract and deliver customer data directly from WooCommerce in a few minutes.

This makes it easy for your customers to gain insight into their person-sensitive data.

Download our WordPress plugin


Receive up to five data requests directly from your website.

No credit card needed.


€14 per month

Unlimited requests and up to 50 replies a month.

All data is marked, processed, logged, and shared securely.


from €67 per month

Automate the entire process

Share data with verified requesters automatically via APIs.

  • Link your data requests
  • Your own request portal
  • Email notifications
  • Log all actions
  • Service desk
  • SMS and email two-step
  • 2048 bit encryption
  • + Everything from Free
  • 4-eyes approval settings
  • Templates for entering data
  • Unlimited users
  • + Everything from Basic
  • API access for automation
  • AI-powered document scanning
Ninna HansenEjer, Videbæk EDB Service

Vi sender årsopgørelser, lønafregninger, skatteregnskaber og andre fortrolige dokumenter – det er bl.a. vigtigt, at de bliver sendt til den rigtige person eller virksomhed

Thomas LarsenTeknisk Direktør, datacompagniet

datacompagniet leverer sikkerheds- og compliance løsninger. Som forhandler af Safe Online’s produkter, benytter vi produkterne hos os selv og ved vores kunder. Med fokus på GDPR og sikre it-løsninger er der et godt match!

Rune DoberckService Delivery Manager, IT Operations & Security, BankInvest

...Compliance er væsentligt for vores forretning og ligeså samarbejdet med strategiske partnere som Safe Online, der hjælper os med at overholde nye regler.

Follow along our guide to get you set up

Get started with Connectid Business

To create an account, you need to fill in the details about your company. 

All companies need a system in place to comply with privacy regulations. Connectid Business was designed with that purpose. 

You can use our free version of Connectid Business for as long as you like to receive, verify, and log data requests.  

Just the free version alone prepares you for GDPR compliance. It also shows your customers, employees, and others that your company is data-ethical; that you protect people’s rights and the personal information they share with you. 

Personalize your settings and invite additional users.

It takes just a few minutes to personalize your settings and invite additional users from your team. 

Connectid Business verifies requesters with SMS and email verification, so your company knows that the person is who he/she claims to be. 

You can also set your account settings to require a second person to check every request before sending someone’s data back to them, and all data sent to requesters is protected with secure 2048-bit encryption. 

The request portal lets people see the types of information you have collected about them.

Rather than requesting all their data (causing your company a heavy workload) the portal gives them the option to make very specific requests about just the information they are most concerned with. 

Privacy regulations give people the right to make data access requests by email, phone, email, in person, on social media; and in fact, in any way they choose. But verifying and tracking all of these requests can create a bureaucratic nightmare for your company. 

 Providing the request portal on your privacy policy gives people one standard way to make requests. And requests made through your portal will arrive verified, logged, and organized by due date. 

Start using Connectid Business from your web browser.

Once you’ve created an account you can start using it from your web browser right away, no further installation is required. 

Connectid Business now helps you track and verify incoming data requests, it can gather data from your systems quickly and transfer the data securely; while automatically logging all the above for audit purposes. 

Watch how-to videos and read more about getting started and using Connectid Business here:  

Also take a look at our Connectid DataMapper

Risk-asses and organize your documents with AI

AI organizes documents intuitively according to context and assess their risk, for you.

You will be able to access a dashboard, making it easy to navigate the documents and file contents of the company throughout the organization.

View Connectid DataMapper

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